A snowy field

Life decisions are rarely like an irreversible fork in the road. They're much more like a snow-covered field

The Thing-ummy Bob

An old song that captures something about the importance of understanding the WHY of your work popped into my head during a coaching session

"I'm fine. How are you?"

These are not normal times. Nobody is 'fine'. Give yourself and the people you talk to permission to acknowledge and express their feelings.

A Structured Approach to Making Complex Decisions

In this article I outline my 7-step process for making complex decisions and share a range of tools that may be useful in some circumstances

"There is nothing either good or bad..."

In this blog post I explore my favourite Shakespeare quote and two useful ways I apply it on a regular basis to real-life situations.

The 15 Most Common Cognitive Distortions

In this article I list 15 of the cognitive distortions I hear most frequently during my coaching calls. Do you recognise any of them?

How where I'm from shapes who I am

Growing up in a diverse, tolerant city was perfect preparation for my work as a coach

The Paradox of Choice

Sometimes more choice = less satisfaction