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“Dreams are universal. Opportunity is not”

Giving Back: Welcome

Giving Back

For each new client who engages me as a coach, through Kiva, I will provide finance to a low-income female entrepreneur in a developing country who is currently unable to access the capital she needs to grow her business. 

I won't receive any interest on the loan and you can help me to choose the beneficiary if you want to be involved.


I owe most of my success and the things I love about my life to luck. I was born in a rich and stable country with a good education system and plenty of life opportunities. Most other people, and particularly women, around the world were not so lucky, and have to struggle for the things I take for granted. Supporting women's economic development is known to be one of the best ways to support a country's development.

Giving Back: About Me

Noemi, Cosmetics, Bolivia

'Your loan allowed me to buy more stock to increase my income'

Giving Back: Testimonials
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