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Why speak to a coach rather than your best friend, family member or colleague?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

From the Disney animated movie, Tangled: The image shows Mother Gothel touching Rapunzel's chin. Written over the image are the words, 'Mother knows best'
Parents don't always give the best advice

Having friends and family you can talk to can be really helpful..

Just like the Beatles song, most of us get by with a little help from our friends. You may have someone you can turn to when you’re worried or you want to share some good news. Perhaps you also know someone who is generous with their advice. Sometimes reassuring words from a parent, a smile from a friend or some wise words from someone you respect are exactly what you need. In other circumstances you may have different needs and a professional coaching session will be more useful.

A coach listens to you without emotional baggage or preconceptions

As a coach I have no pre-existing assumptions or beliefs about who you are, what 'kind' of person you are, what you 'should' do or what you're 'capable' of. I won't listen to you and then use your situation as an opportunity to tell you about my problems.. Instead, I listen without judgment to what you say; I ask questions to open up different possibilities and options; and I challenge your beliefs, where they are limiting your outlook, and your assumptions where they may not be backed up by evidence/ reality. In other words, I help you to explore what might be possible rather than shutting you down.

Why not send me a message about your situation to see how my coaching might support you to move forward, or book the 30-minute taster session to experience my coaching for yourself.

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