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How my coaching works?

How it works: Services

Video Coaching

I do most of my coaching via video call, which ensures maximum convenience and flexibility for my clients.

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The First Call

I'm experienced at ensuring you feel comfortable and relaxed talking to me. You'll quickly notice that I listen to you without interruption or judgement and that I don't have preconceived ideas about you or about what you should do! This creates the right ingredients for us to have an open and often transformational coaching conversation.

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Setting Goals

While too many untrained coaches think that coaching is just about goals + accountability, others skip proper goal setting altogether.

My experience is that setting clear goals for the overall coaching journey and for each individual session is an essential ingredient for effective coaching, even if your goals may need re-calibrating as we progress.

Be warned, I put a lot of emphasis on ensuring you craft well-defined goals and checking that they're really the right goals. For some people knowing what you want is the whole purpose of the coaching and can take several weeks.

My Coaching Competencies

When dealing with work or relationship topics I often include some elements of mentoring, but by far the most powerful part is the coaching. I use a range of coaching tools, models and techniques, but my core coaching competencies are:

Active Listening

A lot of the value you'll get from my coaching is the discipline of thinking aloud about your priorities for an hour with me listening intently to every thought, belief, option & challenge.

Challenging What You Say

Reflecting, summarising and challenging what you say in a way that often evokes new awareness and insight.

Asking Powerful Questions

Asking well-crafted questions that help you to explore your current thinking and what lies beyond it.

Sharing My Observations

Sharing my own observations and insights in a way that opens up the conversation and stimulates personal development.

Noticing and Exploring

Helping you to notice and explore changes and patterns in your thinking, behaviour and emotion.


Working with you to integrate new awareness, learning and insight into new behaviours, thoughts, options and action.


 Supporting you to reframe your perspectives and generate new ideas about how you can move forward.

Actions and Accountability

Empowering you to design the actions and accountability measures that will ensure you reach your goals.

How it works: List

What my clients say

'Best Life Coach. He really cares about me, asking me questions to help me self realize and recognize my flows in order to find my own solutions. He goes beyond my expectations. I have tried psychologists and they are not the same level. I highly recommend to try out a session where you will change your life into a positive direction. 5 STARS!'

Ziv, New York City

'John was super amazing to chat with today. I felt like he was actively listening and put my nerves at ease as this is the first time I’m working with a life coach but he really allowed me to talk and not feel judgement. We set up some ideas of goals I want and I look forward to working with him and hopefully having an updated review afterwards. A+'

Mike, Florida

'From our initial messages, John let me know what to expect. I especially appreciated his emphasis on making lasting changes versus quick fixes. After our first session, I knew I found the right Coach. I am confident he has a clear picture of the goals I want to accomplish and the ways we can work together to find solutions. Definitely recommend.'

Olivia, California

How it works: Testimonials
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