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Whether paid or unpaid; employee, freelancer or business owner; meaningful work can be an important source of identity, self-esteem, social relationships, life satisfaction and meaning.

Your work affects your health, your relationships and the resources available for the other things you want to do with your life. Whatever your current work situation, my coaching can help you start or grow your own business or identify and achieve the sort of work you want. We'll also work together to overcome any daily or longterm challenges you face and develop the mindset, habits and tools to succeed in all of your projects, while staying healthy and happy.

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Space to think about your work and career. Step outside the day-to-day.

Progress from the dream of working for yourself to an actionable plan.

Accountability and coaching to build your business (£240 total cost).

1 hour each month to work on (not in) your business,

Whatever your context or background, we can build your self confidence.

Give yourself the best chance of getting your dream job.

Work: Services

Group or 1:1 Coaching/ Facilitation/ Motivational Speaking

Team coaching, 1:1 sessions, Motivational speech and Change Management

Buy coaching for your leadership team or employees.

Work: Services
Work: Services

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