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Introduction to Coaching

Coaching has never been more popular, discussed and sought-after than it is today.

This is great news because being coached is a powerful and effective way for organisations and individuals to thrive amidst the confusion, anxiety and distraction of 21st century life.

But coaching remains a misunderstood skill and a profession tainted by thousands of untrained individuals. Coaching is not about 'guaranteed systems to make you rich' or 'hacks to get laid'. 

The best coaching is effective because it  enables you to see your situation more clearly and to create your own tailor-made solutions.

Coaching: About Me

'My coaching will help you to be clear about who and where you are, what you want and how you will get there.'

John Wastnage

Coaching: Testimonials
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What can coaching do for you?

Provide space to work out who you are, what you want and how to get it

My coaching uses a well-defined process and set of tools that I can apply successfully

to different individuals, teams and situations for a variety of purposes.

So what it can do for you, depends on what you need done...

In simple terms, my coaching will help you to be clear about who and where you are, what you want and how you will get there. I provide an hour in your week, away from your usual distractions, to make progress on your priorities and overcome any obstacles in your way. My role, as your Coach, is to create a space and a framework where you feel comfortable exploring what's important to you and identify clear goals so we know where you're heading.

What the coaching looks like depends on your specific situation. For some people it means patient, deep work exploring the big existential questions in life to re-set their compass. For others, it's about practical day-to-day actions and weekly milestones to achieve clear medium-term goals.

Coaching: About

Choosing an effective coach

Professionally trained.  Experienced.  Easy to talk to.

I'm not a guru with all the answers. Instead, what makes me an effective coach is:

  • My ability to relate to the people I work with as fellow humans​

  • The humility to listen with curiosity to what my clients want to tell me​

  • The expertise to ask powerful questions that ignite my clients' own inquiry and exploration

  • The ability to challenge their thoughts and beliefs to create space for new perspectives and options.

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Coaching: About Me
Sat on the Rocks

The Coaching I Offer

I have focused my coaching on three interlinked areas of your life:

How you see yourself, what you want from your life and the resources you need to get there. From the meaning of life to boosting your productivity and motivation.

Whether that's your existing romantic partner, your family, friends, colleagues or clients or your desire to meet new people.

Coaching: Services

Topics that come up often

"I want to start my own business"

Coaching: News and Tips
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