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Reviews: Testimonials

Working with John is a delight. He asks the right questions and helps you to see the situation more clearly. He is very insightful and very smart. A very kind person. I recommend a session with him to EVERYONE, whether they think they need it or not. He will improve your life.

Elza - Luxembourg

John was excellent at asking the right questions to get you to the answers you need. I would highly recommend John.

Michelle - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

When I bought this session I wasn't exactly sure what a Life Coach does and whether John could help me to help myself in improving my life: gain & obtain what it is I seek to; do, have, be. I truly was in need of this type of personal conversation that bounces ideas around, talks direct about wins and short falls, levelling up and letting go. Discussing options and making choices without judgement, hidden or accidental agendas tainting the forming of decisions and goals.

Julia - Detroit, Michigan, USA

John was very professional and took time to understand my situation. He gave practical and logical recommendations.

Prashant - Los Angeles, California, USA

Prompt, professional, prolific! Highly recommended. Thanks.

Helen - California, USA

John was the missing link for me. I wasn't too sure about what I needed to do in my life and his reassurance and advice really helped me a lot. I know what to do now, all thanks to John.  I have also gained some confidence which I never had prior to talking to John. I look forward to doing more sessions with him. Note: Make sure you have good audio quality before you do the session. You don't want to be wasting your time and his when you start the session. (I made this mistake)

Manish - Bangalore, India

Great - insightful thoughtful session. John is well qualified and very experienced.

Ralph - London, UK

Awesome experience! Really thoughtful and realistic.

Eddie - San Francisco, California, USA

He did an amazing fabulous job. Highly recommended.

Mo - Dubai, UAE

These sessions are invaluable. Do yourself a favor... choose John if you are thinking about getting coaching.

David - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Great experience, highly recommended.

Marina - Sydney, Australia

John was very professional. He kept to our schedule and my interaction with him was very insightful. In the first two sessions, we peeled off layers of obstacles stopping me from achieving my goals and have started working on plans towards achieving those goals. He is very easy to talk to. Thank you John!

Victoria - Austin, Texas, USA

Everyone should have a coach. When I met John, I felt stressed out and out of control, trying to run three companies with no time for planning. John helps me to take an objective view of whats happening and to act strategically rather than emotionally. Now I feel 100% in control. I'm clear about the direction and progress of each business and, my turnover and profits are up.

Morris - New York, USA

I highly recommend John for any professional with the intention of personal and professional growth.

Sayda - Los Angeles, California, USA

When I contacted John I was confused and over-thinking my situation. I didn't know what to do. He helped me to challenge some of my assumptions and beliefs so that I began to see things in a totally new light. Talking to him helped me to feel more relaxed and in control, and also gave me practical steps to get what I wanted. My investment with John paid dividends.

Tyan - Singapore

Great job, I will use again! He's definitely one of the best coaches out there! Thanks again.

Jake - Nashville, Tennessee, USA

I had a great session with John! He pinpointed some vital things I need to work on to achieve my goals and he put some action plans in place to get things going. Very easy to talk to and he is very attentive. Looking forward to another session soon!

Tinesha - New Jersey, USA

John is understanding, non-judgemental and a good listener. I have already ordered more sessions and looking forward to talking with John again!

Rick - Seoul, South Korea

I reached out to John during a very challenging time in my life. I was unclear about my personal vision and goals. My productivity was poor. John helped me to explore my world view and remember what's important to me. John's coaching had a big impact from the very first session. He helped me to regain balance in my personal life so that I could focus back on my goals. I would recommend John to anyone distracted by unhelpful thoughts or emotions.

Adele - Bahrain

Outstanding Experience!

Bronson - Spain

Really amazing experience that I highly recommend. John was very professional, flexible and kind which I really appreciate. Also really good tips and really refreshing to hear stuff from another point of view with solid reasoning. John was great and fair on so many points that I might book more sessions in the future if I'm in a hole about something :) 10/10 Thank you John!

Yusuf - Stockholm, Sweden

John helped me to talk about different parts of my life - my self confidence, my health, how to be lucky in dating and if I should continue building my business. It was a great experience talking to him. Would definitely recommend a session with John. Will order again!

Angel - Manila, Philippines

I guess I'm quite young and don't know a lot about females and talking to John really helped me to make sense of my recent dating experiences. I'm sure it will help me to be more successful with girls in the future. John did a very good job on trying to work with you and suggestions on different ways to think or approach a woman who you feel interested in.

Wesley - Utah, USA

I cannot thank John enough and I would recommend him to everyone. He listened to me in a way that really made me feel heard and I now realise that nobody has listened to me properly since I was a child. I cannot express how important that was for me.

Sophie - Washington, D.C., USA

John is a skilled coach who truly understands the art of Life Coaching. He went above and beyond. Connecting with John through Skype was easy and his response was prompt.

Christian - Long Beach, California, USA

I did not expect to receive this quality of help. John is extremely competent and having started to work with him makes a big difference in my life. I feel seen, heard and held and that is a wonderful feeling. I feel like I hit the jackpot having found him. I could´t be more satisfied. I am a psychotherapist and have received help from a lot of people myself. I believe John is a natural talent. Thank you John!

Rósa - Reykjavík, Iceland

'Best Life Coach. He really cares about me, asking me questions to help me self realize and recognize my flows in order to find my own solutions. He goes beyond my expectations. I have tried psychologists and they are not the same level. I highly recommend to try out a session where you will change your life into a positive direction. 5 STARS!'

Ziv - New York City, USA

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