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Maximiser vs Satisficer Mentality: don't make the best the enemy of the good!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Roadblock sign with "PERFECTION is a ROADBLOCK to PROGRESS" written on it
Perfection is a roadblock to success

Many people find it hard to finish their website

I've finally published Version 1 of my website. I say Version 1, because that's the only way I could get it done! I'm not kidding.. I actually have to tell myself that this is what I call a 'placeholder website'. I tell myself that it doesn't have to be perfect because it's just a hygiene test for potential clients who want to google me before they book a session. This is not my dream website with all the bells and whistles designed to sync with a slick marketing campaign funnel gathering leads. No, it's just something.. better than nothing. And once it's published I can continue to improve it and then replace it with something more sophisticated when I'm ready.

Perfectionism and Maximisers vs Satisficers

"The best is the enemy of good" wrote Voltaire, quoting wise men before him. I don't think you can improve on that for succinctness. In psychological terms we talk about Maximiser and Satisficer mentalities: if you delay finishing something because you want it to be perfect, that's a maximiser mentality, whereas a satisficer mentality asks 'what's good enough?'.

Maximisers' tendency to perfectionism can stop them from getting things done

The challenge for the maximisers is what does maximum look like? You can strive for the best, but how do you measure that? And will it ever be good enough? No matter how close to perfection you reach, it counts for nothing if you are never able to accept it as complete.

UPDATE: Once it's done you can move on to other tasks

Version 1 of my website worked fine and once it was published I barely thought about it. In fact, I didn't replace it until April 2020. It literally took a global pandemic to force me to work on a better version!

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