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How where I'm from shapes who I am

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

And the same is probably true of you...

Growing up in London taught me to celebrate self-expression and difference

I know big cities aren't everyone's cup of tea, but growing up in the single place on earth where more languages and cultures mix than anywhere else fuelled my respect for different ways of living and seeing things. London is a tolerant city that encourages self-expression and individual freedom and that is reflected in who I am and how I coach

Three punk rockers and a policeman pose together smiling next to a red telephone box. In the background is Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower
Difference is good

I felt connected to the world

From an early age I felt that people, events and opportunities worldwide were directly connected to what was happening around me. I know it's a cliché, but I have always considered the world to be small and that no matter where you live, what you and I have in common is likely to be much more important than anything that separates us. That view has been confirmed by my experiences as an adult living in different countries and continents alongside people with different customs.

Video coaching enables me to work with clients from every continent

Having recently moved home to London from Mexico, I use the internet to connect with and help individuals from all over the world. I create a space where my clients can explore how they see life and the world without judgement and away from the particular culture in which they're usually immersed. My coaching helps them to improve their self-knowledge, gain confidence and clarity, and to create the lives, work and relationships they want.

If you’re interested in exploring how where you grew up or where you live may influence how you see the world or you want to discuss your current situation or dilemma please don't hesitate to send me a message now. Alternatively, go ahead and book the 30-minute 'taster' coaching session (on the 'Get Started' page).

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